We're creating a loving, connected community of conscious leaders

Together, we elevate humanity's consciousness.

The Shift is Here

Pushing for endless growth at any cost has taken a toll on well-being and sustainable happiness. 

The hustle and grind culture is antiquated and unsustainable for today's society.

As the world shifts from the Digital Information Age to the Transformation Impact Age, so must society and our business models, beginning with ourselves first. 

Together, let's ignite the Presence Movement to cause a tipping point in elevating humanity’s consciousness. 

Who's Here?

If you are a conscious, creative, high achieving, heart centered coach, consultants, advisor, healer, business leader, or professional, welcome home. 

“Conscious” means embodying your brilliance, finding peace in the chaos, and mastering your energy.  Whether you align with being socially conscious in voting with your dollar in what businesses you support to being spiritually awake wondering "is this it?"--we are here to connect meaningfully here. 

As global citizens, we are community leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, who value holistic well-being, family, the environment, and personal growth to keep peeling back our layers in surrendering to the journey of this life on planet earth. 

We live our life by design not default. 

We aim to create than react. 

We strive to trust, allow, and surrender than force or control.

We are the next generation of conscious global leaders to usher in a new economy, transforming education, cultures, and our institutions into a higher frequency of consciousness.

Why Connect?

This community is designed to be an inspiring source of connection for meaningful conversation, fun, learning, and growth with fellow conscious leaders  who are also parents, educators, and community leaders that approach business holistically to help positively impact the world.

Please build connections in the group just as if you walked into a room ready to listen deeply, engage authentically, and contribute heartfelt connections. 

Together, we embody a Presence Movement elevating humanity’s consciousness one conversation at a time.

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