Welcome to SolJoy Community

World peace is an alive and living reality through our inner peace, love, and joy!

You are a high achieving, inspiring, high vibing conscious leader making a big impact. 

While this gives you joy helping other's transformation, you also feel energetically drained. You don't share what's really going on at home that you struggle with. 
Certain patterns STILL exist after years or decades of coaching, trying every personal growth training program out there. 
In your joy of helping others, you may tend to put your self care last. You are often alone "at the top" supporting your organization who rely on you to be their light and inspiration

Who's taking care of you? Who's nurturing you? 


We bring together high achieving, creative, visionary conscious business leaders who want to

Master Your Energy
Heal Through Creativity 
Embody Inner Peace 

Having FUN learning and growing with an inspiring, caring community of champions who become lifelong friends.

Together, we bring out the best in one another, catalyzing a rippling impact across the global community, ushering in a new era of humanity.

With Us You'll Learn To 

  1. Relax the chatter of the mind calm the anxiety, relaxing the body's tension and feel inner peace amid compassion fatigue

  2. Release Negative Energy you've absorbed in your body from loved ones, clients, or news and replenish it with Source's energy

  3. Heal Your Body allowing pain and trauma stored in your cells to transmute, tapping into your boundless energy source within

  4. Be Your Own Guru. Love yourself, be devoted to your Highest Self, surrendering to it's guidance through uncertainty

  5. Strengthen the Mind Body Connection Embody, not intellectualize, your purest energy as Soul itself, unabashedly shining your light bright

When you've created a foundation of energy mastery, healing through creativity, you will be able to make greater impact, feel deeper fulfillment day to day, and trust yourself to nurture your body and soul consistently.